What are the main characteristics of the Wallet Ballet?


Bobby Lee, former CEO of China’s first crypto exchange, revealed in September his new Wallet Ballet, a non-electronic crypto wallet that offers multi-currency support. Today we will tell you about the main features of the Wallet Ballet.

Bobby Lee announces Ballet, his physical wallet
Characteristics of the Wallet Ballet
When choosing a crypto wallet, we must ensure that it meets certain characteristics, especially those related to security.


According to its website, it is the world’s first non-electronic hardware crypto wallet. Also, according to its physical specifications, it seems to be of adequate size and weight.
In this sense, it is a stainless steel card with two QR codes: one at first sight and another one not so much. The first QR code we see in the crypto wallet is the public address. Below that code is another Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Future, Cryptosoft, Corona Millionaire, Bitcoin Evolution, which is the wallet’s private key.

The private key consists of a password of 20 characters, but you still don’t see the private key but the QR code. What else should I do? You should look for another coated code string at the bottom of the card, you must scratch it to see.

Both are necessary for the user to obtain the private key through the iOS and Android application. This key is necessary to access all the crypto currencies in different Blockchains that the Wallet Ballet supports.

Many experts have praised the product precisely for this feature: it uses a 2-factor key generation process (2FKG). Since, to access the funds of your wallet, you need both the encrypted private key and the passphrase of the corresponding wallet. But, in order to have them, you need the card.

But, one very important piece of information: Only you have access to the private key printed on your Wallet Ballet! Lee assured at the time that once this is printed on the Ballet card, the private keys are deleted. This means that if you lose your card, you will not be able to go to Lee or his company.

You may ask yourself: how do I stop others from scanning the QR code? You can set your card to „privacy mode“, which eliminates the possibility of anyone being able to scan the public key in your wallet.


One aspect that we should look at when investing in security is the amount of assets we seek to protect. It really wouldn’t make much sense to invest $20,000 to store $100, would it?

On your website, you can purchase your Wallet Ballets from $35 to just over $99. It all depends on the series you wish to purchase as well as the finish of the card