Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio with nealthy’s $1.3M Pre-Seed Backing

• Web3 startup nealthy has raised $1.3 million in pre-seed funding from prominent investors such as celebrity crypto investor ‚DonGeraldo‘.
• The Dubai incorporated platform will use the capital injection to grow its team, hire new talent and seek greater adoption.
• nealthy provides diversified exposure to NFTs and cryptocurrency investing via index tokens which replicate traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Web3 Startup Nealthy Secures Funding

Web3 startup nealthy has recently secured $1.3 million in a pre-seed funding round backed by several top investors across the investment space, including celebrity crypto investor ‘DonGeraldo’. The Dubai incorporated platform will be using the capital injection to grow its team, hire new talent, and seek greater adoption.

What is Nealthy?

Nealthy is an Ethereum-based Web3 startup that provides diversified exposure to NFTs and cryptocurrency investing. They achieve this through index tokens which are investment assets that replicate traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investors can leverage these index tokens to quickly invest across the Web3 space with on-chain storage of digital assets allowing for portfolios to be easily diversified in the event of sudden market shifts. An example of an index token is nealthy’s $NFTS, which like other offerings, has value that is pegged nearly 1:1 to given blue-chip NFTs.

Interest in Diversification Growing

The interest in Web3 continues to gather pace and nealthy is looking to tap into this ecosystem by removing barriers to entry into the market. Ludwig Schroedl, the CEO of nealthy noted in a statement that interest in diversification within the crypto sector is rising due to massive growth witnessed in NFT trading markets – especially for first time investors. A blue chip index token like $NFTS can provide superior investment opportunities at a reduced level of risk according to him – meaning they could do it with any asset on blockchain technology as well if successful with NFTs.

Expanding Reach

Nealthy is looking forward towards expanding their reach with the release of multiple products aimed at giving users access to even more investment opportunities within crypto markets and beyond them as well. This includes introducing fractionalised shares which will allow users access investments not available through traditional methods due to high minimum requirements or liquidity constraints – thus making it easier for more people around globally access these kinds of investments without having large amounts up front for investing themselves or relying on third parties for services like fund management fees etcetera..

Final Thoughts
With neathy providing access and diversified exposure into cryptocurrencies and NFTs via their index tokens, there are now more opportunities available than ever before for people interested in getting into this kind of trading – regardless if they have been involved with cryptocurrencies before or not. Moving forward it will be interesting how their products help further reduce barriers when accessing investments outside traditional means while also allowing wider access and improved liquidity levels overall throughout various asset classes worldwide too!