Breitling: Certificate of authenticity for luxury watches via blockchain

As the next company, the luxury watch manufacturer Breitling recognized the advantages of blockchain technology and developed a digital certificate of authenticity together with Arianee.

Illegal copying is a major problem for many luxury goods manufacturers

The annual damage caused by unauthorized plagiarism runs into the billions. So it is not surprising that the industry has discovered the advantages of blockchain technology for itself in order to take action against these forgeries.

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So it is with the luxury watch manufacturer Breitlingthe case. Instead of continuing to rely on physical certificates, from now on the buyer will receive a unique, specific digital pass from the watchmaker that certifies the origin of the watch. Breitling works with Arianee in this processtogether. The company is a specialist in blockchain-based certificates of authenticity. According to Breitling, it is the first luxury watch manufacturer in the worldwith this service. At the end of March, BTC-ECHO reported on the cooperation between Breitling and Arianee.

For this Arianee uses Non Fungible Token (NFT) according to the ERC-721 standard from Ethereum. By using a blockchain-based solution, Breitling ensures that the digital certificates remain permanently forgery-proof and cannot be changed. Due to the consensus mechanisms implemented by Arianee between the nodes, nobody can connect to a central database, change values or remove data.

Breitling would also like to offer insurance soon

The purchase of a Breitling watch and certificate is as follows: First, you scan the warranty card included in the scope of delivery. If you now download the Arianee wallet app, it recognizes the model and the buyer can add the watch to his wallet. The serial number and the warranty period are also included in the activation. With the help of this service, customers can also access other essential information. A status query during a repair is one such case. In the near future it should also be possible to take out insurance against theft or loss with the help of the wallet.

We bring change to an entire industry. We empower the customer with a watch on their wrist and a digital passport in a secure digital wallet. At the same time, we provide them with tailor-made recommendations throughout the ownership relationship. Customer focus is at the center of everything we do, and so it goes without saying that we will continue to develop additional services for Breitling watch owners – always completely safe and with respect for privacy.

Antonio Carriero, Breitling’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer

The function is also interesting for resellers because it allows you to easily prove the authenticity of the product.