Approved by CVM, Bitcoin funds and cryptomoedas ‚explode‘ in appreciation and are the most profitable in Brazil

For the first time in the history of the portal Mais Retorno the top three positions in profitability in multimarket funds are occupied by funds with exposure in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas

Three of the 15 Brazilian funds that offer exposure to Crypto Bank and cryptomoedas have ‚exploded‘ in appreciation in recent months, driven by BTC’s rise and have become the most profitable in Brazil.

Thus, for the first time in the history of the Mais Retorno portal, the top three positions in the multimarket category are occupied by funds from the same segment, in this case, cryptomoedas.

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Approved by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), Hashdex Criptoativos Voyager FIM IE, BLP Crypto Assets FIM IE and Hashdex Criptoativos Explorer FIC FIM were classified by the portal as the first, second and third most profitable fund in Brazil, respectively.

Thus the ranking is led by the Hashdex fund which had 244.17%, followed by the BLP 147.86% and then Hashdex appears again, with another fund of the company, showing 70.82% profitability.

Which cryptomaps are in the funds?

Although Brazil has 15 funds with exposure in Bitcoin and cryptomaps, only two of them are 100% Bitcoin-backed, the Hashdex Bitcoin Full 100 FIC FIM and the QR BTC MAX FIM IE.

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This way the other funds are composed of a basket of cryptomeda and other assets.

In the case of Hashdex funds, the percentage that correspond to cryptomacs reflects the Hashdex Digital Assets Index (Nasdaq: HDAI) which is composed of Bitcoin 74.52%, Ethereum 17.58%, Polkadot 1.89%, Litecoin 1.11%, Bitcoin Cash 1.05%, Chainlink 0.97%, Binance Coin 0.70%, Stellar 0.70%, EOS 0.30%, Cosmos 0.25%, TRON 0.25%, Tezos 0.25%, NEM 0.24% and Neo 0.21%.

The BLP funds, on the other hand, the part corresponding to cryptoactives, which can reach up to 98% of the funds composition, invests 80% in the biggest cryptomaps by market capitalization and 20% invested in smaller tokens with the objective of surpassing the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI).

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Besides Hashdex and BLP other two companies offer funds with Bitconi exposure and crypto, QR and Vitreo.

QR funds have their composition 100% allocated in cryptomoedas being 70% by bitcoin and the other 30% by various cryptoactives such as Ethereum and Chainlink, among others (seeks to reflect Empiricus: Exponential Coins).

The company highlights that, in the composition of its funds, there is no minimum or maximum limit for the exposure of Bitcoin, but since its inception the percentage of Bitcoin in the portfolio has varied from 60 to 85%.

Vitreo’s funds, on the other hand, have their share of cryptomedas divided into 60% by bitcoin and the other 40% in altcoins.

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